Algebra 2 Curriculum Outline

Here’s an overview of how my Algebra 2 curriculum topics currently go. I kinda follow the McDougal Littell Algebra 2 textbook that we used to have (no textbook currently), but a fair amount of rearranging has happened. Note: Our students take Algebra 1, Geometry, then Algebra 2. I feel like I do more review than I probably should, but my kids tend to need it.

Equations & Inequalities Review – August

A quick review of solving equations and inequalities, rewriting formulas, etc.

Linear Functions Review – September

Review of functions, equations of lines, slope, graphing lines & absolute value functions.

Transformations/Piecewise Functions – September/October

Transformations (mostly w/absolute value functions or graphs/tables I give to them) & also graphing and writing equations of piecewise functions.

Systems of Equations – October/November

Writing and solving systems of (mostly) linear equations – 2 and 3 variable. Substitution, elimination, and graphing (a few non-linear that we do with Desmos). I have thought about moving this later in the year and include some quadratic systems, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Polynomials Intro – November

Polynomial vocabulary, exponent rules review, operations with polynomials and all the factoring – GCF, by grouping, quadratics, sums & diff of cubes, etc.

Quadratics – November/December

Solving quadratic equations by using roots, then complex numbers, CTS, quadratic formula, and graphing quadratics in vertex and standard form.

More Polynomials – January

Higher degree polynomials – finding zeros & roots, using the factor and remainder theorems, end behavior, and sketching graphs.

Radicals & Rational Exponents – January/February

Rational exponents, graphing radical functions, and solving radical equations.

Exponentials & Logarithms – February/March

Inverses, graphing exponential functions & logarithmic functions, properties of logs, solving exponentials & logarithmic equations.

Rational Functions – March

Simplifying rational functions, operations w/rational functions, solving rational equations. No graphing.

Data Analysis – April

Sampling, measures of center & variation, normal distribution, scatterplots & identifying type of function from data. I need to get permutations & combinations back in here somewhere.

Trigonometry (time permitting) – May

Review of right triangle trig, radian measure, unit circle.

At some point maybe I’ll get the energy to share materials that I’ve got for each chapter, but this is a start at least!



3 thoughts on “Algebra 2 Curriculum Outline

  1. Do you teach conic sections at all?

    • I don’t. They aren’t a part of the Missouri Standards that I teach, and I never have had time to add them in as extra.

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