Warm Up Activities for 2017

It’s been a month since I blogged! School happened. This week I’m playing catch-up on a Sunday Funday topic from a couple of weeks ago.

I do a different warm up “theme” for each day of the week.  Here they are for this year.

Monday: Many Methods
Students are given 2 minutes to solve a problem in as many ways as possible.  My favorite types of problems for these are double-digit multiplication, percentages, and geometric areas.

ACT Prep
Students are given three ACT-type problems and 3 minutes to solve them. I use these problems from LSU.

Wednesday: SET
SET is one of my favorite games. I use the SET app (sadly not free, but worth the price) and screenshot a “puzzle set.” I annotate the cards and number them from 1 to 12. Students are given about one to two minutes to jot down as many SETs as they can find on their own. Then I let them discuss and share with their table group. Finally I call on each table and I list all offered SETs on the board. I ask if anyone disagrees with any of the listed SETs and we discuss why or why not it works.


Thursday:  Mental Math
Students are given 10 problems and 60 to 90 seconds to solve as many as they can. Typically I try to emphasize understanding over speed, but students’ are lives so much easier if they are fluent enough to do some things quickly. These are very short, simple problems, like multiplication facts, order of operations, positives and negatives, exponents, etc. Some are taken from an Eighth Grade Math Minutes book, and others I’ve written.

ActivInspire_-_Studio 4.jpg

Friday: Exit Slip
I use Google Forms to ask students a few question about their week or give them a quick quiz on topics from the week. One of my go-to questions is to ask them for one thing they liked about class this week and one thing that could be going better.


My days have changed from year-to-year. I’ve also done SolveMe Mobiles and Visual Patterns. I’m not nearly as good with closure activities as warm-ups, so those are kind of a toss-up. I need to work on improving in that regard.


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